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The establishment’s problem with the squad? They’re moderates

The establishment’s problem with the squad? They’re moderates


Good Lord! What is all the hate all about? Where is all this anger coming from? A cop just said that AOC “needs a round.” A crowd chanted, “Send her back” to Ilhan Omar. People are accusing adthe Squ of wanting to take things from people. They have been accused of being extremists, haters of America, stupid, and racist for calling out others’ racism. Someone stop the insanity.


This is genuinely what they are supporting:


  • Not detaining children in subhuman conditions
  • Allowing refugees to apply and receive asylum
  • Higher taxes for the very richest, not for the low and middle class or even most of the upper class (We have one of the most regressive tax systems in the world.)
  • Action to try to minimize the effects of global warming
  • Health care for everyone
  • Education for anyone who wants it
  • Requiring that the Wall Street crooks adhere to the same rules as the poorest Americans


They do not hate America. They are about the rule of law. Not a single one of them has made a statement suggesting that they hate America. There ideas and their methods are not out of the ordinary. They have been used in this country and many of the most prosperous forward-thinking countries in the world. These are NOT radical ideas. Trump’s claim that they should go back where they came from is a radical statement. By no measure could this be called sane. Pelosi’s sanctioning of Omar for saying that pro-lobby groups like AIPAC are supporting a foreign nation was extreme. Many democrats’ insistence that Trump is actually a Russian agent is extreme. And Trump’s calling white supremacists “good, decent people” and saying that the crowd shouting “send her back” were patriots are extreme statements. 

The Democrats and Republicans are both awash in billions of dollars of corporate money controlling their every move. This is extreme. Putting restrictions on this is an attempt at moderation. Just because someone falls politically in the center in the United States does not mean they are a moderate. And just because someone votes Republican sometimes and Democratic sometimes does not mean they are a centrist. The members of the Squad were the only for people in Congress to try to deny Trump billions of dollars to “fix” the problem he created without any promise that he would try to make things better for the children in detention. This their real crime. And no it doesn’t matter who is the prettiest or the whitest. 

 One problem with AOC, IO, AP, and RT for the powers that be is that they are smart, brave minority women. But the bigger threat is that they are moderates standing up to the extremes of our corpocracy.

So History Is Repeating Itself: What Are You Going to Do Now?

So what are you going to do now? It is happening in your country. It is happening now. Remember “Never again”? Did you learn about the concentration camps in middle school? Did you learn about how Hitler used propaganda to sway millions of people? Did you learn about how it happened gradually? About the frog in the boiling water, who jumped in when it was cool and safe and didn’t notice that it had been turned up to boiling until it was too late? Who is Trump attacking the most viciously? Not Nancy Pelosi. Not Hilary Clinton. Not even Barack Obama. No, the most vicious attack, the one that’s sticking, the one that is happening now that he is in power and incarcerating children, is the one on the four congresswomen of color who voted not to give him money to spend on his border catastrophe. 

That’s what led him to tell them to go back where they came from. They were the only four who voted not to give him unqualified funds to “fix” the problem at the border. Would it be a good idea to give Hitler more funds to solve the problem with the concentration camps, to make sure the people there have more soap and tooth brushes? And yes, the comparison is apt. camps are places where large numbers of people are detained and held against their will. The death camps will come later.


So who are you going to stand by? Do you really think it will be enough to vote blue no matter who? The shriveling of the field of choices, the impotence of the Democratic party to stop the Republicans from becoming fascists is not an accident. Pelosi is enabling him, like an abused co-dependent spouse. And for those of you who love him do you really think Trump is just a salty sailor who is doing Jesus’s work? If so, start praying harder. Trump is trying to get Omar killed. Look at him smugly presiding over his fascist rally. Listen to what you are chanting. As for supporters of Antifa and Black Bloc, do you seriously think you can win by playing into their game? Do you know how easy you are making it for the powers that be to infiltrate the movement, do terrible things, and then blame you?

Blogposts are not going to save the day. Protests in the street alone are not going to save the day. Staying positive and talking about the beauty of immigration and the beauty of diversity is not going to change anything. You must dig deeper. You must know yourself. And you must use that knowledge to change yourself. Fundamentally. At your own core. Because it is happening. The death camps are coming. Trump already has blood on his hands: Heather Heyer, some of the children in his concentration camps, the people gunned down by mass murderers because of the culture of violence and the ease with which people can get guns.

And the problem is we all have blood on our hands. Regardless of who we voted for or how many protests, we have gone to. This is happening on our watch. And this means we all have to transform. How? Depends on each of us. You don’t need to know what you’re transforming into. You only need to be aware, deeply and fundamentally aware. And then you need to act in the way that suits you best.

The Real Violence

This is not a political statement. This is a statement about humanity. It is about your humanity. What do you believe in? What matters to you? If you said, “my country,” think about what that means. If you said, “my savior or my religion,” think about what that means. 

Because what really matters is what matters to at your very core. 

As Fred Rogers said, 'Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex,' and the world begs us to aspire to the shallow and complex. Noisy. A taunting chanting noisy world. That is what Donald trump is telling his people to want. And they are becoming more violent with each passing day. And despite the fact that he presents as a one-dimensional bully and despite the fact that he brings out the worst in us, he is a complex phenomenon. He is complex, because of what he embodies –the slow degradation and destruction of the values that once  brought hope to American society.

So if you were watching the news and you heard what the crowd did to Representative Ilhan Omar on July 17thas Trump proudly presided,  think about what you believe in. Is it the Democratic party? Because they won’t save you either. Pelosi, the leader in the house, has repeatedly thrown four women who speak the truth under the bus. But it is not about Omar, AOC, Pressley, or Tlaib either. It is about your humanity.

You will not find your answer in rallying cry, in a political platform, in an article. But you will not find it in yourself alone either. You will find it when you think about how your humanity is connected to others’ humanity. And you must first love your own humanity. Not your own success. Not your own intelligence. Not your ability to be right.  You must love the truth of who you are. And though you are a complex web of everything that came before you, that truth is singular. As Nomi says in Sense8, “The real violence, the violence I realized was unforgivable, is the violence we do to ourselves when we're too afraid to be who we really are.”

 The truth of who you are is not a supporter of tyranny, nor is it the supporter of a neoliberal democratic party, nor is it the champion of four minority women not afraid to deprive a tyrant of millions of dollars. The truth of who you are is your own humanity at its most shimmering, fundamental absolute. And that humanity is part of the universe itself. And the universe is inside you. And when you realize that, then you will truly be able to live.

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